The U.S. causes a 400% increase in risk for cancer??

I found this video through one of my very favorite websites, Elephant Journal. Without fail, this site always gives me a truthful, sometimes funny, but always thoughtful read. However, this particular video post left me feeling exactly how the movie Food, Inc made me feel – hopeless.

All I read lately is how just about all our food sources are poisoned with antibiotics, growth hormones, dangerous proteins and quite a bit of other things that honestly; I am not going to pretend to understand. What I do understand is that as a woman I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting cancer. My chance is actually greater than that because my father died of colon cancer. My husband, he has a 1 in 2 chance of getting cancer. And according to Robyn O’Brien, “moving to the U.S. will increase a person’s cancer risk by 400%.” Well I was born here so that doesn’t make my chances look too great.

In my search for a healthier lifestyle I have also learned that a handful of corporations control our food supply and put profit above our health. I turned Food, Inc. off thinking; well what the hell am I supposed to eat? I would love to cook and serve only organic all the time but bottom line, who can really afford that lifestyle? Right now Nick is a student and I’m not pulling in the big bucks so it’s very hard to justify spending $4.99 for a small container of organic blueberries which will be eaten in one or two days when the non-organic container is $1.99. The differences add up very quickly and are even more dramatic if you are comparing organic meats. We’ve made the decision to try to eat less meat to spend more on organic and to try to keep the dirty dozen in mind when shopping for produce.

I am terrified when I think of how much more expensive our grocery bill will be when we start to raise a family but even more afraid to feed my children the alternative. I write this feeling hopeless right now but I am so hopeful that others have overcome their paralysis to find a way to make a change. I’d like to understand how I can make some difference in what feels like an impossible fight.

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